Wall Mounted Dispenser

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Refillable Wall Mounted Dispenser, ideally used in conjunction with the Fluid Science Hand Sanitiser.


  • Available in 400ml and 900ml.
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Perfect for Domestic and Commercial use.
  • Ideal for use with the Fluid Science Hand Sanitiser.
  • Kills 99.99% of Bacteria
  • Quick 2-3 working day delivery time.
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Wall Mounted Dispenser for Hand Sanitiser

This high performance hand sanitizer solution is suitable for general use on the hands, to remove potentially harmful infectious bacteria. The multi-surfactant combination ensures highly effective sanitization, including a natural scale control package that is effective at reducing scales associated with hard water. The solution contains a natural anti-microbial active ingredient found in many foods, and minimises environmental impact through its readily biodegradable, low toxicity, eco-benign formulae.


This non-alcoholic solution is closely matched to the natural pH level of the skin, meaning your hands feel softer and reduces “dry skin” caused by other alcohol based hand sanitizers.


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400ml with 5L Hand Sanitiser, 900ml with 5L Hand Sanitiser

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