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Deionised Water, Distilled Water, Demineralised Water.

What is the difference?

Deionised Water

Deionised or Deionized water (often referred to as DI water or de-ionised water) pretty much explains the type of water in the name. It is water that has had most of its mineral ions removed, such as cations like sodium, calcium, iron, and copper, with anions such as chloride and sulfate also being removed in the process. 

Demineralised Water

Demineralised or Demineralized water is a term often used in parallel to Deionized water, meaning it is water that essentially had all minerals found in natural water removed. The water is manufactured in a chemical process, using our on site Reverse Osmosis purification system. Read more about the process below.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is produced through the process of distillation. This involves boiling the water into vapour, then condensing it back to liquid into a sterilised storage container. The impurities that do not boil into the vapour will remain in the original container, which yields a exceptionally high purity of water.

Deionised Water Generator

Our Purification Process

Using our on site range of unique Reverse Osmosis purification systems, our water is first put through a process of removing organic matter. Once that is complete, it then passes through a mixed bed deionising resin, which removes the cation and anion impurities that are mentioned above. 

The maximum level of impurities now is typically <1 microsiemens (μS). To complete the purification process, the water is finally passed through UV sterilisation, and then through a 0.2 micron filter. 

Better than EP Grade Standard

Our RO System produces pure water to <0.5μS consistently, meaning our highly purified water easily meets the worldwide recognised EP Grade Standard.

What grade do you require?

Standard Grade

Our standard grade of water conforms to the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) specification, at a conductivity level of <1.3 microsiemens. This commercial grade deionized water is recommended for use in industries such as renewable energy, battery top up, metal finishingfood & drink, hydroponics, cosmetics and other hygiene products

Ultra Pure Grade

Our Ultra Pure grade of water conforms to EP and USP Water for Injection (WFI) specification, at a conductivity level of <0.5 microsiemens. This laboratory grade deionized water is essential for use in work where even minuscule impurities could generate anomalies. Industries that usually use this grade are medical testing and analysis, pharmaceuticals, laboratories and chemical blending. 

Why Choose Fluid Science?

20 Years of Experience.

Fluid Science draws on over 20 years of experience in generating and supplying purified Deionised Water. Our sales and support team can tailor orders to meet a wide range of requirements and water grade specifications. All our water is produced specifically for the purpose of providing our clients with a superior quality water supply, and not as a by product of an industrial process. 

Our Clients

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Guaranteed Quality

The production of our Demineralised Water adheres to strict quality control measurements. We can safely guarantee the highest quality water, due to our state of the art RO water generator.

Customer Service

We offer an unparalleled customer service experience. If you ever need more information or have an enquiry about an order, we have a active LiveChat service, or you can give us a call 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Quick Delivery

We understand that business is always moving fast, so you may need your deionised water urgently. We offer a Next Day Delivery service, if you place your order before 12pm on a working day. 

If you need more information about our products or an order, give us a call.

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