• Our site is equipped to produce water 24/7 and adheres to strict quality control measurements.
  • Our water is produced specifically for the purpose of providing our clients with a quality supply and not as a by product of an industrial purpose.
  • Our RO system produces deionised water to 1.3 μS conductivity - consistently.
  • We offer different shipping options to suit your requirements.
  • Our sales team guide you through the order process and ask if we can also provide solutions to your water requirements in the long term.

Fluid Science Ltd manufacture a wide range of compact, low maintenance and easy to operate deionised water generators which can produce from 200L to 600,000L per day.

Our unique range of water generators are designed and built to the specification at our production facility in Knowsley, Merseyside.

We have a dedicated team of engineers who are fully trained to install and service every machine and if you choose a servicing option with us - we can make sure you keep operational.

You can rent our systems for a fixed monthly amount with prices starting at £110+vat per month which means the more water you generate, the cheaper it becomes!

Market Segments

Chemical Manufacturing

Contract Filling
Hygiene Products

Surface Coating

CNC Machining
Laser/Hydro Cutting
Powder Coating
Dye Testing

Effluent Treatment

Plating Process Waste
Hydroponic Farming Dip
Tank Waste

Other Segments

Fork Lift Trucks
Battery Top Ups
Cooling Systems
Anaerobic Digestion
Renewable Energy
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