Ambition. Innovation. Enterprise.

We are a forward thinking firm that builds sustainable businesses developing innovative and eco-friendly products.

Our highly talented team promotes entrepreneurial flair and expertise in expanding markets.

Turn vision and opportunity into reality with Fluid Science.

FLUID Solutions

Fluid Science was founded on delivering pure deionised water solutions for a plethora of companies based in the UK. We are specialists in the manufacture of Reverse Osmosis Deionised Water Generators and also supply EP Grade and Ultra Pure Deionised Water in bulk. In addition, we offer a wide range of general chemicals for multiple sectors in the UK industry.

FLUID Renewables

Fluid Renewables was established to develop and drive environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. Our innovative products include supportive probiotic additives that increase organic waste to energy conversion within anaerobic digestion to optimise biogas production. We support our partners worldwide in advancing green energy projects to drive towards a carbon-neutral future.

FLUID Hygiene

Our expanding range of hygiene products has helped many businesses fight back the COVID-19 pandemic and keep their working environments safe. We have developed the most sustainable and high performing antiviral products, fully laboratory tested to eradicate harmful pathogens. The combination of our eco-friendly solutions and hygiene accessories are ideal for the safety your employees and customers.

FLUID Start-Up

This division encapsulates the very ethos of the Fluid Science Group with a specific focus on launching cutting-edge products and growing sustainable businesses. At Fluid Start-up we partner with academic institutions, entrepreneurs and international companies utilising our highly skilled team and infrastructure to take products from incubator ideas to commercially viable businesses.

Our Clients.

We support both large commercial clients and smaller companies across the globe.

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