Antifreeze Coolant

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Antifreeze Coolant with grades available for use in industrial & professional applications.

Bespoke mixings are available. Choose the “Custom” option in the Water/Glycol mix drop down menu before you add to the basket.

Fluid Science also offers an inhibitor to be mixed in to your Antifreeze Coolant for specific needs. Click Here to contact us and pursue this option!

**Custom Mixtures can only contain a maximum of 50% Glycol**


**Read Descrption for Tail Lift Information

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What we can do for you.

Fluid Science offers customers bespoke mixings of our AntiFreeze Coolant. We provide these options on our Technical (MEG) or Ultra Pure (MPG) grades, we will customize the ratio between Glycol and Water to best suit your systems requirements.

Choose the “Custom” option in the Water/Glycol mix drop down menu before you add to the basket. A member of our technical sales team will be in touch shortly to discuss the custom nature of your order and to provide any answers to questions you may have.

Propylene Glycol vs Ethylene

Propylene glycol has very low toxicity enabling it for use in cosmetics and personal care products. The toxicity of Ethylene requires you must handle it with caution and to restrict any human or animal exposure and ingestion to the poisonous substance.

In closed loop systems where risk of contact with food is minimal, Ethylene is the preferred choice due to its excellent heat transfer properties thanks to lower viscosity. Ethylene is a highly preferred base fluid across the world due to its cost-effectiveness and its proficiency being used in all climatic conditions. It is ideal for use in many industrial cooling applications.

Propylene Glycol is therefore most beneficial in scenarios with human or animal contact points, especially in food manufacturing.

What is Anti-Freeze Coolant?

Antifreeze Coolant is a mixture of deionised water with a base product usually either ethylene or propylene glycol. The dual-purpose nature of Antifreeze Coolant decreases the freezing point of liquid in a cooling system and increases the boiling temperature.

Our Antifreeze solution keeps cooling systems running by eliminating the potential of icy build up during cold weather conditions, as well as a Coolant solution that prevents any over-heating issues.

Manufacturers of Air Source Heat Pumps recommend the use of a Glycol Anti-Freeze to prevent it from freezing up during the winter months. This will prevent any damage when water freezes and expands within the plate of the heat exchanger which could cause leaks and a broken heat pump. As this water is used within homes/buildings and comes into contact with people, a food safe Glycol like Monopropylene Glycol is perfect for use in this matter. We supply Monopropylene Glycol (MPG) on its own or within our very own Antifreeze Coolant mixture as “Ultra-Pure Grade”.

**Using Tail Lift Delivery you will only receive 950kg of product as the maximum load limits for tail lifts is 1000kg. This includes the 50kg for the IBC Container.

Click Here for the Technical/Industrial Grade Antifreeze Coolant SDS


Click Here for the Ultra Pure Grade Antifreeze Coolant SDS


Automotive Grade, Technical Grade, Ultra Pure Grade


5 Litre, 25 Litre, 25 Litre w/Cap, 210 Litre, 1000 Litre

Water/Glycol Mix

50/50, Custom

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