Deionised Water – 16 x 25 Litre Drums

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  • 400 Litres of Premium Grade Deionised Water (16×25 Litre Drums)
  • Higher than EP Grade Standard
  • Our RO System generates water at a purity of 1.3 microsiemens consistently
  • Next Day Delivery Available
  • 100% Quality Guarantee – or your money back.
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16 x 25 Litres of EP Grade Deionised Water


We generate all our water using our state of the art generator, equipped to produce water 24/7. Our system adheres to strict quality control measurements, giving you peace of mind.

Our generator produces water to 1.3 microsiemens consistently, better than the industry standard EP grade.

The team at Fluid Science can work with you to tailor your order to your specification, just ask! We can provide solutions to your water requirements for the long term, for maximum efficiency when doing business with us. It is our priority to deliver a service that satisfies your needs.

Fluid Science supply water to a wide range of customers including companies in industries such as food manufacturing, power generation, automotive, chemical, petrochemical, engineering, water treatment and environmental service.

Many of our customers are ‘blue chip’ companies, known all around the world. We are happy to supply DI Water and Generators to any organisation of any size. If you need need water, we are the best choice.


Further information

Our products and systems achieve water purity at EP grade standard. EP grade water has a conductivity of less than 5.1 microsiemens, Nitrates of less than 0.2 ppm, Heavy Metals of less than 0.1 ppm, TVC of less than 100, Chlorides of less than 70 ppm, Sulphates of less than 250 ppm, pH between 5-8, Residue on evaporation of less than 100 ppm and the water passes the Oxidisable Substances Test.

The grade of water known as EP water is recognised worldwide and has many applications including product testing, analytical work and manufacturing. Many companies specify the use of EP water in their processes to ensure that a specific level of quality is adhered to, particularly where unwanted trace elements or minerals could affect the outcome.


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