Tris Hydrochloride

Tris HCL is often used in:

  • PCR Reaction Buffer
  • Cell Culture in Vitro
  • Enzyme Assays
  • Gel Electrophoresis
    .. And More!

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What is Tris Hydrochloride?

Tris hydrochloride, also known as Tris-HCl, is a white crystalline powder. Its molecular formula is C4H12ClNO3, which is a hydrochloride formed by Tris and hydrochloric acid.

It is a buffering agent (acidic buffer) commonly used as a PH regulator and stabiliser in numerous experimental protocols for DNA and RNA extraction, protein purification, enzyme assays, and electrophoresis.

Tris HCL has a buffering range of between PH 7 and 9 and making it ideal for biological research, it minimises the risk of overshooting the PH, aids in sustaining reproducibility and avoids the necessity to use strong acids or basis


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Using our years of earned knowledge of manufacturing systems and producing Deionised Water, coupled with our extensive range of chemicals and the backing of a loyal and trusting customer base. We have expanded to launch a new enterprise, specialising in Fine Chemicals and Buffer Solutions. Fluid Ultra is here to help cater to the very specific needs of companies. We aim to provide both standard and bespoke liquid and chemical solutions for the biotech and diagnostic industry.

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