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The BioSan Medical Waste Treatment (MWT) Card is a natural anti-microbial product which eradicates bacteria that enter and grow in Medical Waste and PPE disposal units. This product has been successfully laboratory tested to EN1276, EN13697 and EN14476 standard, achieving a >Log5 biocidal activity rating.


  • Kills up to 99.999% of Viruses including Coronavirus
  • Perfect for use in Lateral Flow Test disposal bins
  • 30 Day Longevity
  • Eco Friendly Product
  • Simple Operation

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Perfect for Medical Waste Treatment

See the video below for an illustrative look at the BioSan MWT Card.

Why do we need to use Medical Waste Treatment Cards?

Medical waste and PPE Disposal units are volatile breeding grounds for potentially harmful micro-organisms. The BioSan Medical Waste Treatment Card protects against this rapid growth, eradicating pathogenic organisms to help keep operators safe from infections.

The use of a BioSan MWT Card in a Lateral Flow Test disposal bin is ideal for keeping your employees safe amidst coronavirus testing.

  1. Standard waste disposal units are ineffective at eradicating bacteria and viruses from within, enabling large scale microbial build up. This increases the danger of contamination and potential health risks.
  2. BioSan’s VAPOUR PHASE action enables effective antiviral and antibacterial diffusion throughout the entire area, neutralising pathogens with up to 99.999% efficiency.
  3. The VAPOUR PHASE remains continually active for up to 30 days, filling the area to prevent microbial pathogens and leaving a pleasant fragrance.



The germicidal BioSan card is derived from sustainable materials that are friendly to the environment. Additionally, the cards have low lignin content which results in greater biodegradability within a shorter period of time. This makes disposal easier, safer and smarter.

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