BIODEGREASER™ – Heavy Duty Probiotic Degreaser for Kitchen

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Reduce grease build-ups and improve industrial efficiency with BIODEGREASER™. The ideal eco-friendly and non-hazardous product that prevents grease build-up through our innovative probiotic bacterial solution.


  • Breaks down fats, oils, greases and other food waste
  • Ideal for kitchen drain lines, grease traps, grease interceptors and wastewater piping
  • Contains biodegradable and low toxicity components
  • Quick reduction of odours through effective bacterial action
  • Effective at lower pH ranges
  • Manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
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Best Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser for Industry – Unclog and Degrease with BIODEGREASER


Our kitchen degreaser is a multi-strain liquid bacterial solution, specifically formulated to degrade fats, oils, greases, and other food waste in the demanding environments of drain lines, grease traps and grease interceptors.

Use of the BIODEGREASER™ breaks down and helps prevent drain blockages caused by food waste, hairs, soap scum and other gunk which can as a result, cause issues for standard business procedures too frequently, resulting in unnecessary and costly repair jobs that hinder business performance.


How does BIODEGREASER™ work?

The various bacteria in this product secrete a multitude of enzymes that break down fat, oil, and grease molecules. Molecules are broken down into smaller molecules, metabolised by the bacteria to quickly degrade the fat, reducing risk of blockages.

The strains in the BIODEGREASER™ are specially selected to work effectively in lower pH ranges usually found in grease traps and grease interceptors, making it the perfect kitchen degreaser.

Some of these materials consist of:

  • Vegetable, Rapeseed and Olive Oil
  • Starch, proteins and cellulose
  • Solid fats such as lard and butter
  • Free fatty acids

Our eco-friendly formulation contains no emulsifying surfactants, making it a safe and effective heavy-duty degreaser for grease trap and grease interceptor maintenance products. This solution contains biodegradable, low toxicity components to additionally minimise the impact on the environment.

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