BIOGAS Catalyst


The Biogas Catalyst is a simple to use powder additive that is tailor designed to increase biogas yield, specifically developed for use in anaerobic digesters (AD). Our experts are on hand to understand your AD and develop a unique dosing regime of this natural bacterial additive that will break down biomass quicker and to a more complete point. This will result in more biogas output from the same amount of biomass, with less sludge waste. 


  • Increases Biogas yield 10-30%
  • Breaks down biomass faster
  • Releases more energy from biomass
  • Decreases sludge waste volume
  • Increases biomass input capacity
  • Specifically tailored to your AD
  • Reduced diesel costs
  • Easy to store powdered product
  • Natural bacteria, non-pathogenic and Environmentally Friendly

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BIOGAS Catalyst – Improving Anaerobic Digestion Systems

As an evolving Biotech company specialising in sourcing and supplying unique microbial and antimicrobial based additives that improve many industrial processes, Fluid Science introduce the new Biogas Catalyst.

 Expert scientists have utilised their bacterial culturing expertise to breed and select a catalogue of bacterial species each with unique and exceptional properties – that will enhance the performance of your anaerobic digestion system.

Using a range of molecular techniques (including genomic screening, sequencing and enzyme output assays) during the development of the product, this systematic approach to select the correct combination of bacteria optimises the performance within your anaerobic digestion system.

Fluid Science offer a bespoke package that is tailored specifically to your onsite anaerobic digester. In doing this, we take count of your biomass feedstock to create a purpose built dosing regime of the multi species bacterial additive that possesses the particular attributes to suit and improve your anaerobic digester Biogas yield.

 Using this highly tailored approach has generated an improved Biogas yield of up to 30% in Anaerobic Digestion Systems.

 On top of this, we correlate performance data over time to optimise the dosing and continue to improve your Biogas output.

Further information

Click Here for the BioGas Catalyst Information Brochure

Click Here for the BioGas Catalyst SDS Datasheet


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